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From Richard Stallman <>
Subject Re: Your ADNS package
Date Tue, 04 May 1999 08:39:59 GMT
    > In that case, there should be no difficulty in making a version
    > of Apache which is linked with ADNS.  Right?

    Except that these after-market commercial versions are not
    required by the Apache licence to ship source.

I guess those after-market non-free versions won't be able to use
ADNS.  (I say "non-free" rather than "commercial" because the fact
that they are commercial does not directly affect the issue.)  I hope
this will encourage someone to write free software to do same job as
those non-free versions.

Meanwhile, people using Apache itself, the free program, will be able
to use it with ADNS.

When people write changes to Apache itself, I would urge them to
cooperate with the Apache developers in whatever way you ask for.  But
ADNS is not a change to Apache, it is a separate package, and (unless
I am misremembering) its usefulness is not limited to Apache.  So we
ought to distribute it in accord with our own principles, copylefted.

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