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From Hitesh Shah <>
Subject Re: Can WebHCat show Tez jobs?
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:51:13 GMT
Hello Xiaoyong, 

I believe you might get better help on the hive user mailing lists given that templeton is
part of hive. I am guessing that Templeton has some hooks to recognize indirectly launched
MR jobs but may not have built out the same support to recognize tez jobs. 


On Apr 17, 2015, at 3:35 AM, Xiaoyong Zhu <> wrote:

> Hi Experts
> It seems that WebHCat cannot show Hive on Tez jobs submitted via templeton- for example
when I submitted a Hive on MR job via templeton, it returns all the jobs (with child jobs
launched by templeton to actually run the query). However, if I submit a Hive on Tez job,
I can see that the job is running via yarn RM UI (as below), however when I query via templeton,
templeton only returns the TempletonControllerJob (so in the below case, job_1427201295241_0005,
job_1427201295241_0003, job_1427201295241_0001 will be returned).
>  <image001.png>
> I am using the
> /templeton/v1/jobs API  am I missing something to make templeton show Tez ones (i.e.
show job_1427201295241_0006, job_1427201295241_0004, job_1427201295241_0002)?
> I know this might not be a Tez issue  but not sure someone who has encountered this
before and has some experience on this question could share the lights. Any help will be appreciated!
> Xiaoyong

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