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From Madhusudan Ramanna <>
Subject Task failures due to timeout
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2016 06:09:55 GMT
Hello Tez team,
We're seeing task failures like these:
`status=FAILED, taskFailureType=NON_FATAL, errorEnum=CONTAINER_STOPPED, diagnostics=Container
container_1478330525920_1647_01_000020 timed out``vertexName=myVertex, taskAttemptId=attempt_1478330525920_1647_1_35_000000_0,
creationTime=1479754901653, allocationTime=1479754903502, startTime=1479754909530, finishTime=1479757213174,
timeTaken=2303644, status=FAILED, taskFailureType=NON_FATAL, errorEnum=CONTAINER_STOPPED,
diagnostics=Container `
We have other vertices running for several hours and we don't see the above issue.  Under
what conditions a vertex can get killed for timeout other than the AM running into some sort
of network issues ? While we have a separate logging infrastructure, we don't see any exceptions
there. Am I missing something here ? 
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