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From Robert Grandl <>
Subject Re: Trace Key-Value pairs
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 22:16:07 GMT
Thanks so much for your answers. However, I am struggling to get the right information. 

As you have mentioned, in, keys and values are present but I have
a hard time to be able to print their content.

For key: I am trying to print it in -> toHiveKey() method after:BinaryComparable
key = (BinaryComparable)keySerializer.serialize(obj, keyObjectInspector);
by doing something like:StructObjectInspector soi = (StructObjectInspector) keyObjectInspector;for
(Object element : ((StructObjectInspector)soi).getStructFieldsDataAsList(obj)) {"key
is: " + String.valueOf(element));
For value:in -> process() after the value is computed as BytesWritable
value = makeValueWritable(row); I am trying to apply the same mechanism as before:
StructObjectInspector soi = (StructObjectInspector) valueObjectInspector;for (Object element
: ((StructObjectInspector)soi).getStructFieldsDataAsList(value)) {"value is: "
+ String.valueOf(element));
but there is a cast problem here from BytesWritable to StructObjectInspector.  I also tried
to print the value in makeValueWritable() method, but there the value content seems to be
the same with key content. 

Do you have a better guess if I am doing the right things, or what else to do to extract the
proper content for both key/value from ReduceSinkOperator?
Thanks again for your help,Robert

    On Sunday, December 4, 2016 8:15 PM, Rajesh Balamohan <> wrote:

 Hi Robert,
Tez deals with bytes and does not understand if the data is coming from Hive/Pig/Cascading
etc. So in case you print the content from Hive, you would get mostly binary data.  For hive,, and value would be
Printing this would just churn out binary contents. You can print it from the below locations
in Tez.
Writing keyValues:
Reading keyValues:,
If you are interested in knowing the real key/value details, you may want to print the details
from Hive side. This may be best answered in Hive community mailing list.  But at a very
high level in Hive, key gets converted to HiveKey which is a wrapper around BytesWritable.
You may want to print the details of key values using the relevant object inspector in Hive.
In this case, you may want to get the relevant object inspector and print out the contents.
This is just an example.

On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 5:43 AM, Robert Grandl <> wrote:

Hi guys,
I am running Hive atop Tez and run several TPC-DS / TPC-H queries. I am trying to print the
Key/Value pairs received as input by each vertex and generated as output accordingly. 

However, looking at Hive / Tez code, it seems they are converted to Object type and use their
serialized forms along. I would like to print the original content in <Key, Value> pairs
both when generated and received by a vertex (just for the purpose of  understanding).

Could you please give me some hints on how I can do that?
Thank you,Robert

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