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From Abdul Qadeer <>
Subject Choosing between {FIFO, file, socket}, shared edge and one-to-n edge
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2016 23:08:27 GMT
Hi.  I have some workload that I am trying to translate
into Tez.  In this regard, can someone please comment
that are following currently implemented in Tez or if not,
are these coming in future releases.

(1) When two vertices communicate (ir-respective of edge propety used),
does Tez uses either of FIFO pipe or file or socket as per what is suitable
(like Dryad used to do)?  E.g. when input and output vertices are on
same box, data could be piped between two; when they are on separate
boxes, data can be sent over the network.
(2) An edge property where same output of a vertex
could be consumed by multiple down-stream vertices.
(without any sharding i.e consuming full output by both)

(3) An edge property where one node could generate
two different data streams; one stream goes to one sub-sequent
vertex and the other one goes to a different downstream


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