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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [PATCH]Virtual Host Choice on HTML Manager
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:04:07 GMT
TANAKA Yoshihiro wrote:
> on Tue, 6 Jan 2004 16:48:47 -0600
> Glenn Nielsen <> wrote:
>>>I'll try to modify as follows:
>>>1)Make new classes extend HTMLManagerServlet & ManagerServlet.
>>>2)These servlets are optional. (commented out in web.xml)
>>>3)Only admin role can access them. (by web.xml)
>>>Do you think I've it figured out?
>>That sounds right. :-)
> I've done and put them on
> I modified existing classes to allow them to be extended,
> but did not change their functions.
> Also I create a new build file for Deployer named 'build-muti.xml'
> cause of security.
> I hope committers evaluate and commit them.

While I appreciate the effort, I don't like your patch right now, sorry :-(

Why add complexity when it is so simple to deploy the manager webapp on 
a new host ? Note: A webapp doesn't use any noticeable amount of 
resources in TC 5 (no background thread, no nothing).
I suppose if there weren't all the changes to the default manager, I 
would have nothing against the patch (although I do hate the changes to 
the Ant tasks; it's really counter productive, and proves this is a bad 
design: the place of the vhost is in the URL).

Soon, there will be requests to add host management in the manager 
webapp, and it will become a big mess. If there's interest in improving 
the management tools, fine, but there should be a thinking process 
before the hacking starts.

Fixes were added a few days ago to the admin webapp to support dynamic 
host creation. This is a first step. It should then be possible to add a 
manager to a newly created host using the admin webapp (and then you're 
done, no hacks required). The biggest problem is probably that the admin 
webapp is not scriptable at all.


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