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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: [] Progress
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 15:25:42 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote, On 7/2/2004 2:13 AM:
> Jeanfrancois Arcand wrote:
>> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>> Speaking of which, does anyone know any OSes (besides Windows) which 
>>> lock files ?
>> NFS sometimes lock file (I did see a similar problem with Solaris)
> Thanks for the tip. I'll code in Windows by default, and add a flag to 
> enable/disable then, since I don't think there's a way to determine if 
> something is coming from NFS.

Although you can lock files over NFS on Unix systems, it should behave 
no differently than if you were to lock the file on any other 
filesystem.  In other words, unless you explicitly lock the file and 
check that the file is locked (as locks are only advisory on Unix, they 
don't stop you from performing any operations if you really want to) you 
should not have any of the same file locking issues on Unix that you do 
on Windows.  See the the flock and fcntl man pages for more information 
on Unix file locking.


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