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From GŁnter Knauf <>
Subject SPAM on the list - candidates for unsubscribe
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 13:08:21 GMT
I dont know how all others deal with all the SPAM, but I can only say that I'm now tired of
adding just another rule for my SPAM killer every day.

What I really cant get is that this is the only list with that problem!
If then all the robots are unable to avoid re-subscribing of the spam assholes - and seems
that's the case with this list here - then we should probably think about unsubcribing all,
and restart with a human which checks the subscritions and kill the automatic subscribe.

I really would like to continue following the JTC development - but I've no time for fishing
the 5 human mails out of the 50 autoresonder and spam mails every day!

here are candidates I have now about 10 times asked for unsubscribe:
From: DirectXtras <>
From: Autoresponder <>

and they get subscribed again and again;
I guess bad thing is that they dont subscribe with but with another name
just to get the email addresses from the other subscibers; so we should also think about another
list structure which makes the personal emails invisibable - anyway better since it avoids
any direct posts then;


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